Bean to Bar chocolate hand crafted in rural Lincolnshire. Made using ethically sourced cacao beans and, where possible, organic ingredients. We aim to produce the finest tasting chocolate with the minimum ingredients possible. All our plain dark bars are made with just 2 ingredients - cacao beans and sugar. That's it. No added fats, stabilisers or preservatives. 

All our chocolate starts life in our tiny micro chocolate kitchen as raw cacao beans. These are then roasted with care to bring out the best flavours possible before being cracked and winnowed (a process to remove the papery shells from the tasty nibs inside the bean). The roasted cocoa nibs are then stone ground for at least 48 hours (sometimes longer) to achieve a smooth texture. Next the chocolate is aged to allow the fine flavours to develop even further. Lastly the chocolate is carefully tempered and moulded to create a chocolate with a shiny finish and 'snap'.

Goldfinch Chocolate bars are all individually hand wrapped using paper packaging which has been made using recycled cacao bean shells.